Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Movie Review: Batman Begins

Ok, every single program I had open turned itself off while I was typing this (and mostly done, I might add) so it looks like I have to do this again. Also, I know it's been a long time since I've been here to do a review, but I hope to change that. Wow... April third, eh? Been to long since I saw Sin City, might have to buy the DVD. Anyways, onto the review of Batman Begins.

It's almost unbelievable how far Batman has come from the source material, from campy hero to tortured anti-hero, to his newest incarnation as a self-hating sociopath with little to no control over how he acts. In one of the initial scenes, he refuses to compromise his morals by killing a convicted felon. As a result, he blows up the entire building, killing the convicted felon as well as thirty or fourty ninjas, and who knows how many servants and employees? Way to keep from compromising your morals there, Captain Killwad.

Later, during the movie's only car chase, he kills about twenty cops with no regard for civilian traffic, and despiute the fact that he stays on surface roads the entire time, the police helicopter is unable to follow him accross... a highway. Furthermore, you'd think the GIGANTIC TRACKS leading down a dirt road and vanishing at a waterfall RIGHT BEHIND BRUCE WAYNE'S HOUSE might have tipped off a few semi-intelligent police detectives, but no, they just assume that the mysterious Batman threw them off the track. Cops that dumb deserve to die.

Despite being filled with goofs and plot holes, and horribly cut and choreographed fight scenes after he dons his armor, and the tragic miscasting of Katie Holmes, and the tragic underusage of Gary Oldman, this is still an OK popcorn movie. Christian Bale when he is trying to act suave, can really pull of suave. When he is trying to act sober, he comes off as about as good an actor as your average third-grade stage-play star. It's almost laughably bad how wooden he becomes, apparently drawing on his experience from the laughably bad Equilibrium.

Still, rent this movie if you're a fan. It gives you a bit of faith in the fact that Batman doesn't need a neon car to highlight his armored nipples. 5 out of 10.


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